5 On-Site SEO Factors That Matter Most(By SEJ)

As important as links and publishing content remain, search engines are growing far more comlex that relying on traditional text and document analysis to rank its index.
Followling the best practices is pointless, unless you're following all of them.


91% percent of online content generates no traffic from Goolge, research by Ahrefs.

Content Relevance to User Intent
Understanding User intent is the future of search engine development.

How to Optimize

Deep Content
A HubSpot study found that content between 2250 and 2500 words tended to receive the most prganic traffic.

How to Optimize

Organized Content
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2.User Enagement

User signals can be a good indicator of improements tht you need to make on your website.

Pages per Session
The Pages per Session metric indicates how many pages a user views before leaving your site.

How to Optimize

Bounce Rate
The bounce rate indicates ho satisfied users are with your landing page or website.

How to Optimize

Click-Through Rate(CTR)
Tips to Optimize

3.Technical Structure

Technical SEO could be considered the foundation of SEO where everything else is built on.

Tips to Optimize

Having an HTTPS secure is a soft ranking factor for Google.
While pages should theoretically redirect to their HTTPS counterpart, it still isn't advantageous to have links to mixed content. More inportantly, these links do not always redirect.

How to Optimize

Clean URLs
Generally, you want clean URL structures with status 200 codes.

Tip to Optimize


If technical SEO if the foundation of a website then internal links are the doors that allow you to move from room to room.

Deep Links
Tips to Optimize

Organized Hierarchy
Generally, your hierarchy should be designed from a top-down approach, allowing search engines to crawl and index certain pages under buckets or clusters.
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5.Mobile Responsivity

The mobile first index has become Google's primary ranking index, meaning it is updated before its desktop index.
Long-scrolls are preferable to links that force users to load another page and impede their surfing experience.
The two most important mobile factors include mobile-friendly design and fast page speed.

Tips to Optimize


SEO is a dynamic and organic industry and by looking at it from a more holistic point of view we can better serve our users and survive changing algorithms.


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